The Lavender Chef LLC.

The beginning of a long journey!


                  Creation of the hand chain

                 The abilities of every man!

   Man is a strong yet weak creature. We lust over ideal things and yet care not for the things that are true. Our hearts have become cold to our fellow man and warm to the weapons of destruction. We would take a life over a simple replaceable thing, but step over someone in need as if they where trash blowing on the street.

    The Lavender Chef LLC was born from a dream that reflects the way a person, No! the way I was raised. It's about more then food, art, and material things...It's about Love and fun and a respect for life and the people that walk this path with us everyday.  

So we are reaching out to other companies, foundations, and organizations ready and willing to work together with them on their goals... In turn building the foundation for the creation of the hand chain!!!!


Under Lavender Wings Inc. was founded 5/2014 & is a nonprofit organization.

The Lavender Chef LLC. was founded 2/2014